What are Undercover Lights?

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Shed Kit

No more STUMBLING AROUND THE dark shed

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additional kits for boats, safes and more

Truck kit 

Great for all sizeS OF trucks with or without tonneau covers

     Undercover Lights are a line of simple-to-install and simple-to-use LED lighting options specifically designed for a number of applications where more light makes your life easier.

      These kits include truck lights, trailer lights, boat lights, shed lights, safe lights, and many more. All of the kits are run off of 12v power sources, using very little power but providing more than enough light to get your job done.

      All of our LEDs can be attached with 3M adhesive for easy no-drill installation, but they do have holes if you prefer to use simple screws.

Trailer Kit 

Works EXCELLENT in enclosed trailers